Ikea trådfri signal repeater shown as end devices


Just received my HP23 , and started to build my Zigbee network by adding a number of Zigbee Routers around the house, before adding the Zigbee end devices.

Some of my Trådfri signal repeaters start showing up as end devices and not routers. How to fix.

The firmware on the Trådfree repeater do no matter as it happens on both the newest and the one before that.


I had the same, removing them from the network and pair them again and they will show up as a router.

I didn’t have any issues with my e27 bulbs but the GU10 spots were a hit or miss after adding them to the network and being registered as a router or end device.

Thanks worked after a lot off trying. :slight_smile:

Today I added some more bulbs but for one or another reason the trick with re-pairing them again and again and again doesn’t seem to work anymore… they all show up as an enddevice.

Both e27 and gu10 lights are giving issues at the moment.