IKEA Tradfri and Up and Down

Hi Short question.
I have two Fyrtur Rollo from Ikea and one up/Down remote.

I add all 3 in Homey.
I will have a flow if i click
down the rollo goes to 25% / Work
Up the rollo goes to 100% / Work

But how i can stop the rollo on the half way? by klick on down again for example?


Hi Ingo,

This is a way to make it work, example flow for the DOWN button:

Create a similar flow for the UP button

I guess this will not work (without HA?). Because there is no flow card “Set state Idle” available in the Homey Ikea app. There is only a flow card “Set position to …” available.

Owh you’re right, Dirk. Too bad. Yes it’s a curtain from HA in my example.
But it’s a bit odd blinds can’t be stopped/paused/positioned and only be open or closed with Homey…

@Ingo_Homeyer One possibility is to request at Athom support for a ‘Stop’ or ‘Set to idle’ or ‘Set position to …’ card for the Ikea curtain/blinds device types.

This card f.i. also works (for me):
Set the position to the current position
Then the curtain stops moving

Hopefully Athom wants to add a few extra function cards for Ikea blinds.

I will send a push to the support :wink:

Thx to all and to the support from Athom…

Some times it is more easy :wink:

Hi Ingo,

Thank you for coming back to me.

There actually is no need to add functionality for this, as it is already available, be it hidden.

If you use the flowcard set position to X%, even if it is 100% or 0%, and activate this flow a second time with the same button, the Fyrtur will stop in its current position. I came by this by accident when testing something in my own setup, and it should deliver the functionality that you are looking for without complicated automation :wink:

I hope this has permanently solved your issue, which is why I’m closing your ticket. If you need additional support, please feel free to re-open your ticket by answering this email.

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Indeed, it works. :+1:t2:

That was quick! :ok_hand: