Ikea Standing Desk - Make your desk go up and down using Homey

This application supports the Ikea Standing Desk.

Supported devices:

  • Idasen Standing Desk

Known issues:

  • Currently there is a known bug related to the connectivity of Bluetooth devices. In the Homey developer console, connecting to the Bluetooth standing desk is possible, but the connection drops almost immediately. Also when doing this while programming, it’s possible to connect with the device, but it doesn’t list services/characteristics at all. Due to this bug, it’s currently not possible to make things work for Homey, while it’s possible to move the desk in a similar Python program.

Thanks all for your interest in the app. It would be my pleasure to let other people also move their desks up and down using Homey.

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Did you make this App? Where can it be found?

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I made an application in Python first that allows my desk to move up and down, this can be found here. Currently, I’m still working on a Homey application, but due to a Bluetooth BLE bug, the connection with the IKEA Linak based Idasen Desk is dropped an no BLE services can be found.

I’m waiting for the Bluetooth connectivity issue to be resolved, to create this Homey app and to make it available for everyone to enjoy :slight_smile:

Great to hear you are working on this! I am looking for a way to control my Linak tv lift from Homey, and thus far have not found any way to do this. If your Ikea desk will work, I am sure it will work for the tv lift as well.

Do you have any update on the development of this app?

@amiet01 You can search the forum for “tv lift” to find many more ideas.

I do see some things on the forum, but I am bound to use this tv lift since it was built into my tv furniture to drive a drawer containing mu ultra short-throw beamer. If I am correct, the solutions I see on this forum require another tv lift to be used?

Please let me know if you have any solutions that require little to no tinkering with the lift itself. To drive the actuator, it currently has some kind of bluetooth dongle inserted into the controller with a UTP connection which is paired to the bluetooth remote.