Tv mount bluethooth


Is there anyway I can connect my tv mount (Bluetooth) to harmony pro? I think there is no app on Homey but is there way?


Probably not. You can search the store to see if there’s an app.
These are all 14 Ble apps:

Hello @Tarecco , first sorry for my bad english. Can you say me which tv mount do you have?
I have also a bluetooth tv mount and i can controll it over node-red and homey.


No worries about your English, mine is not better😉.
I have from Vogel’s MotionMount Next 7355 with a Bluetooth remote.

Ok cool @Tarecco , do you mybe speak german its easier for me to explain. I have the same mount. I can control it over homey.

I speak 5 languages, German is not one of them, :slightly_smiling_face: sorry.
But you can try and I will use google translate if we are allowed to use different language.

Ok will write to you over pm