Vogel’s Next 7355


Is it possible to control a Next 7355 from Homey? Or do I need an extra device to control it.


In both app stores there’s no app for Vogel

Additionally there seems to be no API available. Until there is no API available I guess it will be never supported by any SmartHome Gateway.

Hi, what do you mean with both stores?
There is app on apple store (MotionMount).

He means the official Homey App Store and the Homey Community App Store.

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Hi, there is a topic here but in Dutch, that someone got it worked on his end. But it’s an old topic.

Aha thanks, I’m bit new in Homey environment. Thanks.

Please share the link.

The topic only says that they made it work thanks to the Logitech Harmony (hub), so you’ll need that device additionally (which Logitech stopped producing).

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I have harmony elite too.

Thx, but I guess everything is clear now, @Caseda pointed you in the right direction.