Icon status indicator

Love being able to change the icon - but no gate or door/garage door icon??

My question here is why on my Aeotec nano switch can’t I change the status indicator to show watts consumed? I have one that I can change and one that I can’t. I can only assume this is because of some selection I made when I added the device.
So, how do I work out what that difference was? And do I have to remove the device and re-add it to make the status change? Which is a pain as this device is in the wall behind the Power point.

For icon suggestions it maybe is better to mail support since athom doesn’t read these forums.

In regards to your other question. Values can only be selected if they are default capabilities. If the app developer uses custom capabilities it won’t work. Since aeotec has been developed and is maintained by them self, I’d suggest to contact them.

I only have a multi sensor 6 from aeotec and am able to select all sensors.

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It’s a Homey App feature that lets you select a status indicator so I’m assuming it’s a Homey App question.

Yes, and you are partly right. App developers can choose to create custom capabilities for what ever reason, there are numerous of good reasons to do so, or adopt the default capabilities provided by Athom/Homey. When the developer chooses to use the latter, it works just fine. The first option doesn’t.

So basically you have two options of which both we as community cannot help with.

  1. Send a mail to support to tell them to support custom capabilities in the selection list.
  2. Send a mail to Aeotec to ask them to adopt the default capabilities.

No offence intended but it’s just something we cannot help you with. And you now know a route to follow, which basically helps you, right?

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Were the Aeotec Nano Switch included at different times?

If so, then it is also quite possible that in the meantime the capabilities of the Aeotec Nano Switch in the Aeotec App have been changed. Possibly this has also been requested by Athom due to new requirements in the SDK.
On which Aeotec Nano Switch is the watt consumption displayed? When was this NS included?
When was the Aeotec Nano Switch included that does not display watt consumption?

Do you know the “problem” with roller blinds?
Roller blinds which were included a long time ago should have the following capabilities (depending of the app!):
“Set dimming level” and “Set status (up, inactive, down)”.
If roller blinds included today they have either the capabilities “Set dimming level” or “Set status (up, inactive, down)”. Both variants are no longer allowed.

And no, it’s nothing what is selectable while the inclusion.

Yes, the one that shows the watts consumed was included recently (had to be replaced due to a fault), the other was included about a year ago.
So, not being 100% clear on what you said, if I removed the old one and re-included it, would it then be capable of showing watts?
Before the App was updated I noticed the watts reading in the Homey Browser App which apparently had an early implementation of this capability.

Right, if the „older“ switch will be re-included, it could be that it’s able to show Watt then.