I want a warning after a given time from my door open contact


I am a beginner in this so I may have overlooked the solution.

I have a doorcontact installed which warns me if my front door is open.
I want it to give an alert if the door is opened longer than 15 seconds.

Now every opening of the door alerts me.

Thanks for helping me!

One option to do this:
When the door is opened wait 15 seconds. Then check if door is still open. If that is the case give the warning.

You mean that after the warning i check for myself? :slight_smile:

That could be an option. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No I mean:

  • Flow triggers when door is opened.
  • Wait for 15 seconds.
  • Then check if the status of the door contact is still “open”
  • If that is the case give a warming.
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Use delay card or Chronograph app e.g.

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Perhaps a better idea is to start/reset a timer when the door is opened and stop the timer when the door is closed.
(Look for “timer” in the Homey Appstore, i.e.
> this one)

Then you can make a flow for if the timer reaches 15 mins, send a notification.

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This is how the flow might look using the Chronograph app…

I show a push notification, but in my, similar flow I use Voice Monkey to broadcast a message to my Alexa devices.


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If you like simple:

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Only if you don’t care that the door might get closed and opened again in the 15 second period.

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Thanks all for helping me to sort this out. I think this will help me to solve this.

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Succeeded! I wasnt aware of (timer) apps being integrated in Homey for creating cards. Thanks all!