I cannot add a family member on my iPad

After what feels like 100 attempts, I am at a loss. I want to create a user account on my iPad (15.3.1) for our cleaning lady via Settings > Family > +, so that homey can control her presence.

The only problem is that the way given by Athom, requires a homey-app for whatever reason (it’s already installed) and I haven’t found a way to bypass it. Because when I open the generated link, I get a page with a Homey logo, and a link to the Apple App store and Google Play, and nothing else. However, the app is already installed, but for some reason the “invitation” does not get that !:confused:!

I have already tried it with the Safari, Brave and Firefox browser, unfortunately always with the same negative result …

Question, does anyone have a solution to the problem or is there another way to create a family member ?


Did you log in as a “owner”? Only the owner can add family members.

Yes and in the meantime I found a solution that let’s say “it works”.

  1. iPad-1 > Log out on Homey-App
  2. iPad-1 > Delete Homey-App
  3. iPad-2 > Homey-App > Settings > Family > + > Open Member
  4. iPad-2 > Send link via AirDrop to iPad-1
  5. iPad-1 > Open AirDrop link
  6. iPad-1 > Download Homey-App and create account
  7. iPad-1 > Uninstall Homey-App and install again
  8. iPad-1 > Login as admin/owner again
  9. *** Ready funny ***

(Sorry, this is a quick translation with deepl.com)

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