HUE lights same color and brightness

I have 5 HUE lamps in my living room and I want to give them exactly the same color and brightness with my Homey

Is this possible and how could that be realized?

Thank you!

When u select to change the color of a bulb u can click the color. After that u click on the 3 arrows in the upper left corner of the same card ur in. There u can see the color in numbers with the # before it. Then select the next bulb, click on the color change and click on the 3 arrows in the upper left corner. There u can paste the same # number.

Hue%20set%20color%202 hue%20set%20color%203

For brightness it’s just filling in the same % on all bulbs.
I hope this is what u meant?

I see it now! So you have to add the brigntness and the color in the item per lamp?

Is still a big task to set everything up :frowning:

Dank je wel in ieder geval :ok_hand:

Alternatively, you can use the app’Virtual Devices’, and create a new ‘light’.

Then you create a flow so that when ever the virtual devices colour/hue is changed, it changes the colours of all our other lamps.

Ive created a flow for when the Hue/Saturation/Temperature changes, and named the virtual device ‘All living room lights’, so it can easily be controlled by Alexa/Google - Set all of the living room lights to red. Or manually set the one device as the post above and have all of them change.


Thank you very much. I will try that also …:ok_hand:

I used device groups:

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Perfect App :+1:

I tried! It works well. Thank you :ok_hand:

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