Hue lights blinking option not working

Hi all,

I’m using Heimdall app since this morning to have some sort of an alarm.
Works like a charm! Now what I want to do, when an alarm is triggered all my hue lamps should blink for a minute or so. I know this is an option when using the hue app (blink short or blink long).

But because I wanted to create a larger zigbee network I’ve connected all my hue lamps (10+) to homey directly (zigbee homey). Now I don’t have this option.
Is there a solution for this, besides using on, off (delay 1 sec), On, (delay 2 sec) etc etc…

I also have that problem, I have also 10+ hue lights, I use now on and off and a delay for 7 sec, when I make the time shorter then the lamps go crazy, they do not go on and off at the same time and sometimes I can’t make the lights out.
I hope someone have a nice solution for this problem.