HUE bridge - How to use outside

Hello every one,
I would like to use my hue outside the house, to simulate a presence for example :wink:
But the app can not connect to my lights, is this normal?
If not how can I please?

And you using the hue app with bridge?

I would assume he is, since that’s in the topic.

But I get your question, because if using the Bridge, I don’t get this question in relation with Homey. The brdige creates a own mesh and if that doen’st reach outside, you are just out of luck.

I have some difficulties with this as well, but after placing lots of routers (spots) everywhere it now works also outside.


Yes, affirmative :wink:
I just have a router, but it seems to me that it worked before setting 3.0 :roll_eyes:

If using hue bridge and homey can’t homey use more than one bridge?

I have just one bridge and can’t acces that in 4G network, like the rest.

Is this ur question now?
Because this is a setting in the Philips Hue app on ur phone and has nothing to do with Homey.