Https:// hacked

I just registered 13 hours ago on the website for the forum. I used a different password than for my other accounts. Six hours after registering, I received a bot spam email. The email included my email address and claimed to have access to all my accounts. This type of email is common, and we receive them every day. However, in this email, they mentioned the password that I ONLY use for this website. This can only mean that the website has been hacked. I have many defenses against this type of malware, so it wasn’t my PC.

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Btw i also have a dozen accounts and never had that. So it looks like your own issu.

Did you report this to Athom?

have just done it when posted this

I’m curious to see a screenshot of the mail.
Why would anyone send you your PW in clear text and hasn’t changed in you account before? makes no sense at least for a hacker…

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Do you have a Homey?

Including the header. I’m curious about the ‘from’ address for instance.

So you have the only malware and virus resistant PC out there… cool!


As there is no real evidence. And nothing more than one accuse


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