Can't login to my Homey account on PC anymore

I cannot login to my Athom account anymore because of 2FA. When i enter my credentials the popup for 2FA doesn’t “pop up”. When i hit log in i only get “The provided 2FA token is incorrect. Please try again.” but no way to enter it.=

I tried an incognito window in Chrome, so that i don’t have my extensions which makes it work for now. But i use t he lastpass extension to login, so i would like a solution that enables me to keep that extension.

So please. Help?! xD

Disable each extension one after the other, reload the login page after each, and see which one is causing the issues. Then either tell about your findings, or (if possible) disable that extension for Homey’s login page.

The problem is with the Lastpass extension, which autofills my passwords. But i want to keep using it because it stores my Athom password. I will try contacting them thank you :smiley:

Just a thought, isn’t some of site exclusion possible?
So you could copy/paste the cred. manually from LP for Homey sites?

(@ Security folks: Don’t panic, LP should auto-erase the cred. from clipboard after x secs.)

I don’t believe this is possible with the Lastpass extension.