How to use Radio App

Hello everyone,
i can’t use the radio app, impossible to find it In any menu …
did I miss something?
Can someone help me?
Thank you for your help!

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Not the radio app, but I did it this way

Thank you for your answer, i ‘m also using Chromecast, but i’like to plug Homey on my Hifi with a jack plug using the radio app.
I can set a station in the app, but can not find the app in the menus to créatea flow🤗…

Probably only cards in the Then column

The app doesn’t appears in the then section and nowhere else🤨…

It seems the App is not functional anymore due to some changes Athom made with firmware V2

Thank you for your answer!:+1:
So, i will stop searching…
Strange that Athom didn’ t Remove it from the store …

It can still be used for V1 firmware, but I agree, it should be mensioned, the text says it is made compatible for V2, but does not work on V2.