Radio through Homey



Listen to online radio stations through Homey Music

to do:

mp3-streams only m3u and pls streams not yet supported


Some examples of streams which can be added:


Radio 1 :
Radio 2 :
3FM :
Radio 4 :
Radio 5 :
3FM Serious Talent :
3FM Alternative :
Funx NL :
Sky Radio 101 FM :
Sky Radio hits :
Piratenkanon :
Skihut FM :
100% NL :
Aarschok powered by Pinguin :
Arrow Classic Rock :
IndieXL :

Special streams

Sinterklaas-radio :


538 Verrückte Halbe Stunde :


v1.2.1 (18-2-2019) fix calling mamangermedia after changing setting
v1.2.0 (29-1-2019) fix for Homey v2.x
v1.1.1 (10-3-2018) edited app-page v1.1.0 (17-11-2017) play radio through flowcard-search (Homey-Music)
v1.0.0 (13-11-2017) added global flowtriggers, edited settings-screen for Mobile app v2
v0.0.2 (21-10-2017) changed pics
v0.0.1 (21-10-2017) first version

Thanks to


Hendrik Jansen:


on old forum :

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Dear Bas,

First of all, thanks for this really nice app. Been using it a year on 1.5.

Unfortunately it seems that the flow cards on 2.0 are not appearing. When adding a card, the radio app is not listed in the apps section.

Did I miss something/should I look elsewhere to do this, or could this be a bug?

Nevermind. Read the post in the #flows section…

Again a nice functionality dropped in 2.0…

I’ve installed the app but I cant use it in a flow. Tried a lot of things but I never get the possiblity to add this app to a flow. What I’m a doing wrong?


I don’t have a chromecast. Are there other options? I use a soundbar (libratone) with spotify connect options.

You could try, I don’t have that… If streaming an url works, the app will work too…

streaming to google home possible?


Did you try? I can only deliver tags :wink:


The app was working perfectly fine but since the last update of Homey, it’s no longer available in the flow section.
Any idea on what is the reason for it ?