[HOW TO] Send real time data to your Sonoff/ Tasmota device for display

Hello all,

I thought I’d include this here as it may not be obvious to others that this is possible. Using the MQTT Client & a Wemos D1 mini or similar it’s possible to send real time data for display.

For example I send data from my Qubino smart meter to a D1 mini flashed with Tasmota for display. There could be many more uses.

You must use a Tasmota firmware with the display peripheral enabled.

Connect a compatible display ( I used a OLED SSD1306 display). Then ensure text can be sent to the display by entering the following on the web console of the D1 mini (further here)

DisplayMode 0

The setup on Homey is to use the MQTT client to issue a ‘Displaytext’ command with relevant parameters, as per the picture below:

Please ensure you use the correct ‘Topic’ that matches your particular Tasmota device (check the ‘Information’ page website of the device). The reason for the delayed command is to turn off the display. As mentioned in the Tasmota site OLED displays have a certain lifespan so switching off extends this. Using this flow I end up a display like this:

This feature doesn’t seem to be obvious to me so hopefully will help others!