[HOW-TO][Pro][Cloud] - Z-Wave Route map

@martijnpoppen, again a great script!! Which produce a very impressive URL :slight_smile:

And a question to all:
I saw that I have a device in the map which is NOT linked!!

So I checked Homey Developer Tools, and saw that node 10 should be linked to 14, but 14 is not available

So I checked node 10 (a window) and status was reported to Homey. For me it looks like that a node 14 is availabe, but will not be shown in the DevTools and also not in Martijn’s map.

Is there a easy way to get some info of node 14, (the name of the node would be great).

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Here’s my “last used routes” overview :stuck_out_tongue: several blobs, unwieldly splayed apart like a firework.



Or simply copy the results to eg. Notepad++ and check out the details…

I am getting this result

I have a Homey Early 2023. Result is the same using Safari and Google Chrome.

@Eddy_Poot please follow the instructions. This is not Homey script

@Sharkys, thanks for your feedback.
I have called up the code and it shows me the same result as in the map. Node 14 is not listed as a node in the list.

But I saw also that node 14 is “neighbour” of several nodes.

Would it be possible to create a script that queries node 14 for the name or its capabilites?

Nodes or routers? It might help to simply cut the power from routers and/or restart Homey…I think it’s just ghost node

Neighbour are end devices and routers.
I tried yesterday a power cut for 30 minutes of Homey, but with the same result.
Can it be a ghost node if the status of the window (node 10) is reported to Homey?

I did now also a power cut in all rooms, but still the same result.

It could be, yes. Ghost nodes are already several times discussed in the forum.
These ghost nodes are usually not displayed in Developer Tools → Devices, but maybe you could search for it there.
However, my suggestion is to contact the support.

@Caseda, HP19 or HP23?

Hi Dirk,
I searched also for this topic, and found several discussions, but not a solution.
No, my ghost node (14) is not visible in DevTools/Devices.
Yes, I’ll contact support. I thought that it’s easier to identify the ghost node by name. Then fixing the problem would be easy.

Right, there is no solution afaik.

Did you already performed a PTP?

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Yes, PTP was done yesterday, but with the same (or no) result.

Hello @martijnpoppen & thanks for the script.

What can we do with / learn from the pictures that the script generates?

When visualizing, we can see that there may be some strange looking journeys that some of the information seems to pass, given the relative proximity of the devices, but as far as I know we can’t force / encourage homey to optimize the routes can we?

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Max. try to Heal via https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/zwave but you can’t influence the routing path within the mesh indeed.

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Great tool, Thanks for your effort! Feeadback: Extensive networks with conjunctions can’t be analyzed. Check this out:

My Topology

@Fac3 thanks
Oeh interesting.

Btw you can drag the nodes

Thanks!!! This option was important what I absolutely missed.