[HOW TO] Make ipad turn on screen automatically when motion is detected

So this is great if you have a wallmounted iPad as a dashboard and don´t want the screen to be always on. I searched everywhere for this but did not find any solution. Until yesterday ! I saw a post on reddit with a simple, yet brilliant solution.

You need this:
iOS device. I have an iPad with iOS 14 that is wallmounted.
One motiondetector compatible with homekit (or any other sensor working with homekit).
Sensors in homey can be used in homekit with the homeykit app.

  1. In the Apple Home app set the motion sensor (or any other sensor of your choice) to send you a notification. This will trigger the display to turn on. In notifaction settings, turn off notification sound for the home app.

  2. Go to settings for guided assess mode. Select how long the screen should stay on in guided access mode.

  3. Open your dashboard of choice and then activate guided access mode with three clicks on the homebutton. DONE.

Now everytime the motion sensor register motion it will send a notifcation, the screen will wake up. But the notifaction will not be seen beacuse you have activated guided asstiance.

ATT: You might have to delete your screen password and set the screen to be always on in the screen settings for this to work.

Simple yet brillant :slight_smile: I cant find the post on reddit but i want to thank the guy comming up with this idea.


Show a video!

https://youtube.com/shorts/YHIudJJxCtA :+1:

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A year ago I created a tutorial how to use an ESP32 to unlock an iPad. The ESP32 emulates an bluetooth keyboard and is connected with homey using Homeyduino. With this you can lock and unlock the ipad (like pressing a keyboard) from Homey:


That is great ! Good to know there is one more solution for this if ”my solution” gets deleted by Apple in the future. :star_struck:

This guy’s channel is great to subscribe, see this wall mounted ipad in combination with motion detection solution:

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What dashboard Software do you use?

Possible on Android ?

It is home assistant but i made some upgrades check this out Neon Lovelace UI and theme for tablets - Lovelace & Frontend - Home Assistant Community

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No This is for the iOS devices only.

my personal opinion ipad not an ideal device for 24/7 panel with power plugged in as battery tends to get bloated. :confused:

Hmm…if only you could find a way to control the socket so the iPad wouldn’t constantly be powered on… :grin:


This is neat! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I do not have a spare iPad nor do I have power where I would want it.
But this is really great! :slight_smile: