Wake up Android device on motion detection?

Is it possible to wake up a Android device with homey or a homey app? Perhaps with HTTP request app, together with app on the tablet listening for http-calls?
I would like to wake up the tablet (turn on the display) if motion is detected by a Hue motion sensor to make the Homey dashboard visible if someone is in the room.

I’ve used this and similar apps

I’m using Fully Kiosk Browser for this. Especially usefull if you are using the Android device as dashboard.


Thanks for your answers.
The Browser seems to be a good way…but it’s an old Tab-S2 lite and has no front camera.

You can do that with the automagic app

I use fully the Kiosk browser and an old Android Samsung tablet. I do not use the motion detection from the tablet. I plugged the charger from the tablet in a smart socket (KaKu). And in the fully settings I turn off the screen when the charger is disconnected, and turn on the screen when the charger is connected.

Like this Homey can control the tablet, so when I’m away or sleeping the screen is off, when I’m home the screen is on all the time, and the tablet is charging.

Extra advantage, I do not use any plus features from Fully browser, so no license needed :slight_smile:

And I think there is also a motion detection option in fully using the microphone, but I never tested it.

Hi and thanks. I would have Plugs, but the Orsam plugs are noisy and every time someone comes in range of the sensor, the plug is clicking. My wife would’nt love it :innocent:

Thats one of the reasons I only turn off tje charger when nobody is home or awake. 4 clicks a day :slight_smile:

And with this the display is always on (without delay) and the dashboard visible when someone walks by. I guess the screen can handle to be on a couple of hours per day.

I’m using macrodroid for this icm with http requests. Working perfectly.

Thanks for the hint. The app works good and the http-request from Homey to Automagic activates the display now.

How do you use this app?