How to make home register that the person with android telephone comes and leaves?

I have iPhone, and it works well. Wife has some android, and Homey Pro does not register her status, home or away. Guess it’s some setup in the phone, but I’m allergic to Android;) and can’t manage to find out what to do.

You mean the built in geofence state?
I think the phone is suspending the Homey app after a while. Deactivate the power optimization for the app, so it can run 24/7.

Or you can use the SmartPresence app to react on on/offline devices based on the IP. The phone has to configured to use the hardware MAC in Wifi settings for this.

As RonnyW says, battery optimization can play a big part in how well any presence detection based upon phone location works. There’s also the option of using a beacon simulator for a bluetooth beacon. It depends on your phone, phone settings and also personal preference.

There’s definitely options, I suggest you do some trial and error to see what works for you/your wife.

Check the app options on the phone: