How to make an icemaker machine "intelligent"


I have an icemaker machine and in the summertime, I would like to have always ready at around 19 o’clock and I don’t want the machine working all night, to safe energy.

I have added a z-wave plug to the power cable which I can successfully control via Homey, so far no problem. The problem is, I need to push a button on the machine after it’s power on so it starts the ice making process. I need a small device (zigbee, wifi or zwave) which can “push” a button. So something like a remote relay or similar.

Does somebody had a similar problem and if yes, how did you solve it or what device can you recommend?

I used an Fibaro Single Relay Switch 1 to switch on the light on my cooker hood, but it needs opening up the equipment, and soldering some additional wires to the switch.

Oh this is nice! I think this could work. Do I need the hub to use it via WiFi? Bluetooth range will not work I guess, cause it’s in a different floor.

I would just get the fibaro smart implant. Read about it on their site. And while you at it, buy 2 extra for future machines/gadgets/devices to migrate into ur HAS.

How is this device integrated into the Homey world? Included directly at Homey?

Hm, quite expensive. I think I would need to check which voltages are available inside the case to power this sensor.

I don’t oo how handy you are but you can try to soldering wires on both sides of the switch en connect those wires to an smart switch like a simple ikea plug fot exemple.

You have to disassemble the ikea plug toe connect the contacts of the inside relais to the wires of the ice machine… It is a piece of work but het whill work :slight_smile:

soldering something on the button on the machine is not the problem, I think there will be two cables which get connected on key press. What I don’t understand from your proposal is how to get that ikea plug powered? It needs 230 voltage and I don’t think (and hope) that this flows through that little button.

My english is not very good but i try to explain what i mean.

Inside the plug (ikea for exemple) there will be an ralais. That relais is controled by homey. Normely that relais connect the voltage from one side to the other side of te plug (i hope you no what i mean)

Now you disassamble the plug and use only the receiver part of the plug and the supply part to let the receiver work. If you can disconnect the switch-contacts of the relais, so that you make them potential free, you can yuse those contacts to controle te ice machine.

Ah now I understand you. For all the trouble I could also buy a Raspberry Pi and solder the wires to the button. I need to think about that.

The reason i called the ikea plug whas because of the price. It cost around the 10euro… I think that buy een PI only to control a button is a bit expensive :relaxed:

Ok, its an IO node on Zwave for 49 euros, totally ok by me:D
And you have alot of different applications and interfaces you can use it with. And it doesnt have to be the same “machine/device” that you hook it up to, depending on the applications of course:)

And yes a cheaper solution can bw used by do alot of work your self. But i dont have that kind of time. Reply when and if you go by an another solution.

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If you dont have that kind of time. You can go for another solution. It is a highly professional idea to make an ice maker, but some calculations are also necessary. As far as I am concerned, I think you would be better off buying a new branded ice maker one at around the same price and with higher quality.