How to make a basic thermostat to relay flow

Hello There

Im really new to this world, been having fibaro HC for three years but now i dont understand anything.
These apps are killing me and i dont find the right commands that im used too.

My case is:
I have a kitchen zone, that have a fibaro motion device who checks my temperature.
And i have zwater relays that control my heating off or on.

So this is what i want to do
To make a heating schedule that turns my relays off or on if the right temperatur is met.

Ive downloaded heating schedule and vtermo. But i dont find the commands that will help me do that in the apps.

I think it would be a one great app if one could just do all of that, but it doesent seem like it exist.

Do anybody have some time to help me with what im missing

Thanks from a noob in Homey

Hello and a warm welcome!

Perhaps you can join this post with the same question.

Is the heating shedule complex one? If not, you can use simple flows for that or virtual thermostat as described in topic mentioned by @fantross.

I tried this heating schedule app and it is working fine:

But you will need to use virtual thermostat to link the external temperature sensor with the relays.


This is relatively easy to do with 2 flows.

If: The temperature has changed
And: The temperature is lower than xx (logic)
Then: Relay on

If: The temperature has changed
And: The temperature is greater than xx (logic)
Then: Relay off

Under And, you can add further conditions such as: The time is between xx and xx