How to get started for dummies - what to buy

Hi folks,
I have pre-orderd the new Homey pro, as my first way in! I have some smart devices, but want to “smart up my house” a bit :slight_smile:

Q: If I buy for instance temperatur sensors from Aqara, do i need the Aqara hub or should it be connected to Homey without Aqara hub? Any pro’s/cons?

Any other tips while I wait for my Homey pro?

Best would be to spend your waiting time on some reading on the forum. Get to understand how Homey works.
Find out to be able to use a device you need an app for it. Learn how to check if the app supports the device you want to buy etc.
And also remember, learn to walk before you start running. Homey can do a lot but can be overwhelming when you don’t take the time to understand it.

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Always search the appstore Link

Read the description, don’t forget when is says …read more, to read more. If you need a hub it will be in this description. Most of the time it is at the bottem of the description.

Don’t forget you have a pro, so you gave to click on Pro

Some brands(like Philips Hue) have two kinds off apps. One app with the use of the bridge, and one app without the use of the bridge. Search the forum which will become your favorite

In the appstore also search if your Homey supports the app. Some apps only work on older Homeys

Also check if the device you buy is supported in the app

You can scroll to the right for more devices.

As an example i used the Philips Hue app.

And yes Aqara is supported without the hub.

Sometimes an hub offers more possibilities. But that’s something you have to investigate yourself. If the hub itself isn’t supported bij the app, you will not be able to use these extra possibilities.

E.G Philips Hue has an hub, disadvantage it will make its own zigbee network. This network is seperated from any other Zigbee network.

A network(zwave or zigbee) is wat you want. The stronger the better. You make it stronger with non battery devices. They will act as repeaters/routers.