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How to get Notification from IP Doorbells from Axis Network (Axis 8004/8005)

I finally got my Axis Network 8004 and 8005 doorbells to work with Homey & Webhook Manager App.

Here is a short “how to”

1. Install Webhook Manager App
Webhook Manager support URL GET’s - so http://url.com/xyz/&agument=1&argument2=data2
That means you can call URL’s that then turn into something usable in homey

Once you have installed Webhook manager - go to the settings page and select Webhook Manager.

There it will show you how to implement it - and it shows URLS. Make note of the main URL and the token and write them down.

So this is the example - you URL data will look different:

https://webhooks.athom.com/webhook/57274085acb3bd6d24b3d200/?token=[your token here]&event=your_event_name_here&data1=data_field_1_here&data2=data_field_2_here&data3=data_field_3_here

Now take the base URL: https://webhooks.athom.com/webhook/57274085acb3bd6d24b3d200/
And the token : [your token here]

2. Create a flow with Webhooks Manager as the trigger. Enter an event name - I named mine “Doorbell”. Webhooks

Manager supports up to 3 arguments - so I use the “data1” argument as the door (Front Door or Back Gate)

Then I made a phone notification to my phone - with [[data1]] doorbell has rung (data1 arg dragged to notification)

3. Now time to setup Axis Door bell. It is a very versatile doorbell with good camera quality and works with SIP/IP etc.

Go to the Axis Setup web page and click on [Events] then [Recipients]
Setup as shown below where the URL is the main url you extracted above with NO trailing ‘/’

So Name is one you choose:
Type : set to HTTPS
URL: enter the BASE URL https://webhooks.athom.com/webhook/57274085acb3bd6d24b3d200


Don’t test the URL yet!! It wont work without the TOKEN & arguments!

Now click [Close].

Now click on "[Action Rules] and then [Add]

First give it a [NAME] (Mine is Homey Call)

Then under [Condition] set
First line - to ‘Input Signal’
2nd line to ‘Digital Input Port’
3rd Line to ‘Call Button (Port 1)’

And that is it for the trigger. You can experiment with other things yourself. :slight_smile:

Now jump to the [Actions] part:

Set [Type] to ‘Send Notification’
Select the Recipient as the one you defined earlier (Mine is called ‘HomeyMSG’

DO NOT put anything in to the Message Paramter - leave it blank. But go and define your own.

So *Custom Parameters to be created:

  1. token - set to the [TOKEN] value from step one
  2. event - set to the name of your event (mine is Doorbell)
  3. data1 - set to (in my case) the “name” of the doorbell as I have two.

Now you can click the View URL - and try to open it.

If everything is working you should get a and open web page with a simple [OK] message on it - and a notification on your phone.

If you get “ok but no matches” as the response - try to restart the Webhooks manager in the Homey app (and then double check your tokens are still the same!) - or check your Webhooks Flow setup!

I hope this helps someone :slight_smile: have a great day.

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