[HOW TO] get data from your Homewizard and use it in Homey, also the 868 sensors!

Here is how to get data from ur Homewizard (also 868!) to use in Homey.

Needed for this setup.
A Homey, a Homewizard, the HTTP app and the Better Logic app.

Here we go

First we make a Number variable in the Better Logic app. In this case it is called “Buitentemp” but call it whatever u like.

Then we make a flow to get the data from the Homewizard.

In the right colom card we put this on the left side:
In the middle we put:
And to the right we put the name of the number variable u just made in the Better Logic app, in this case “BuitenTemp”

Now we get the outside temperature from the Homewizard every 10 minutes and u can use tags to make flows like:

We can also do this with other data like maximum outside temperature, minumum outside temperature and even the time it was the coldest.
Make sure to make a number variable for every data thingie u want.
To achieve this we make the same flow as stated above but with other things in the right colom.

For maximum outside temperature we use in the middle:

For the minumum temp we use in the middle:

For the time it was minumum temperature we use in the middle:

And guess what: for the time it was max temperature we use in the middle:

Don’t forget to make a number variable for each data thingie !!!

We can also find windspeed (Guess i don’t have to tell u will need a windmeter for this):

Or windchill (gevoelstemperatuur):

Ok, one catch:
For the peeps that was making flows alr and it didn’t work:
u will have to put the http://IPHOMEWIZARD:PORT/PASSWORDHOMEWIZARD/get-sensors in ur browser to find the number of ur temp sensor. In my case this is the [2] in the above lines. BUT!! When we have 3 thermometers in Homewizard, we start with 0. Then 1. then 2. When u put this line in ur browser and look for “Thermometers” they have an “ID”. This is NOT the number we are using!!! We use the counting as i just told u. So when it is the 2nd thermometer we call it 1!!
As stated: first is called 0, 2nd is called 1, 3th is called 2. No matter what ID they have!!

Now we can also make some flows (With the use of the tags) like asking if it was below 0 last night and get the answer with yes but also with the minimum temp AND the time it was that low:

Plz have fun with this and ask away if i did not make myself clear. No offence to the guys from the Homewizard app, they are doin a very good job!
This is just a way i do it and want to share with u guys.


Maybe this is an interesting site where a lot of items of the HomeWizard are discribed: