[HOW TO] Fully custom dashboard for Homey Pro on iOS and iPadOS

I’ve seen there is a post about this on the German language Homey forum but for English speakers, I figured this would be useful for some. There is a relatively new (I think about a year old) app and companion desktop application for designing completely customised dashboard apps for iPhone and iPad called Viz Designer. It works on HomeKit only but of course with either the Homey experiment or using the excellent HomeKitty app from Robert Klep, it is easy to push all your Homey devices to HomeKit and so this effectively becomes a fully customisable Homey dashboard.

I’ve been playing with it for a few weeks now and it’s working well. There really is nothing I’ve imagined ever wanting to do with a dashboard that you can’t do with this thing, although I am still relatively early days in building out my design for now.

I should also say I have no affiliation or connection with the creators of Viz Designer; I just found it recently and had success making it work to build the dashboard I have long wanted for my Homey - so I figured I’d share it with the community in case others can find it useful.


  1. Either enable the built-in Homey experiment for HomeKit or install and set up the HomeKitty app on your Homey Pro. Follow their instructions to add your Homey ‘hub’ to your HomeKit home.
  2. If using the HomeKitty app, use the ‘configure app’ page to determine which Homey devices you want to appear in HomeKit
  3. Install Viz Designer Mac or PC dekstop app from their website. Create an account to log in
  4. Install Viz Designer app on whichever iPhones / iPads you want to create dashboards for and log in using the account you created in the previous step
  5. From the Viz Designer app on the iDevice, export your HomeKit data to Viz Designer
  6. In the Viz Designer desktop application, sync your HomeKit data - this sets up all the menus and so on with your specific HomeKit devices
  7. Add some devices to your dashboard (called a ‘remote’ in Viz Designer) then upload it (they are shared via your iCloud account)
  8. On your iDevice, load the remotes from iCloud and then select your new. remote to open it on your iDevice
  9. Control your Homey devices from your new dashboard
  10. Iterate like crazy with all the new ideas you come up with for your dashboard, following the documentation and video tutorials

Can you show some pictures of your dashboard?
Thanks in advanced


I’d also need interested in this