How to detect a flow has not been triggered for a period of time

I am looking for a way to detect a flow has not been triggered for a period of time.
Did not see an option in “system” or “flow”


  1. debugging: most flows should run dayly, if they dont something is wrong
  2. cleaning up: flows that are never running could be useless but forgotten to remove

Maybe you can create a “Better Logic” variable of type string for every flow you want to check.
Whenever a flow is executed, you can set the corresponding variable with the date/time converted to a string. This way you can check these variables and see when the flow was executed last.
But this probably is not the best option when you have a lot of flows to be checked.

PaperTrails Log, an app created by @Dijker also might be an option. Please have a look at that too.
See: PaperTrails Log - Advanced Logging and Log management (v0.6.3)

Use a timer. When the flow is triggert start a timer for the time u want. Every time the flow has triggert the timer whil start again. When the timer is emty the flow has not triggerd whithin the time u wanted. So you made a flow WHEN timer is emty THEN make a notification.

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:+1: all my flows already have papertrail logging. Indeed a great app

Was hoping there was a simple solution like the system card “a device did not report”

I have several flows that do their work unnoticed (like sending my betterlogic data every night to the “betergas” server.
So If they fail it can go unnoticed for a long time…