How to cycle through Tradfri temperatures with Styrbar?

Hi all,

I am brand new to the smarthome world and just installed my homey 2019 and added some Tradfri bulbs and sensors. I have the Tradfri Gateway (the old one) but want to do everything via Homey.

However, I am now facing this problem: The “original” function of the Styrbar remote left and right buttons ist to cycle through a number is different light temperatures. In Homey Flow, I can only set one specific temperature for the left button, and one for the right button.

I did not find a way to overcome this, has anyone an idea or solved this problem already?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Jan and welcome to the Homey Community Forum!

This can be done with numeric variables. First you have to create a numeric variable:

  • Smartphone App: More → Variables → + → Number → Enter name → Value = 0 → Save
  • WebApp: Flows → Variables → New variable → Number → Enter name → Value = 0 → Save → Reload web page

Because the flows are a bit more complex and it’s also a bit difficult for me to explain everything in words I created a sample flow:

I hope it’s understandable, otherwise ask.

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Hi fabtross,
Thanks a lot for your great reply and demonstration. Took me some time to comprehend and try it out on my homey, but I think after some time I understand the idea behind it. By clicking you increase the variable by one, but each time it reaches 5 you put it back to 1. And each variable controls a different temperature in the end.

When I understand it correctly you only have a remote with 2 switches. Since the one I use has 2 switches for ,brighter" ,darker" and two for the temperature (,cycle left, cycle right") I guess I could Programm the right button to increase variable by 1 and the left to decrease variable by 1. When it is 1 and I decrease it to 0, it should be set back to 5. Hope this is possible?

For ,switch off" I would just use variable 10 then.

In the original IKEA product, holding the dimming button seamlessly dimmed the lights - I guess this is not possible with homey?

Yes, you have understood the working principle correctly. :+1:t2:
And yes, to decrease the variable by 1 you can use the left button.
I use only one button to increase the variable. At 5 the variable is set to 1 again. I use a second button to set the variable to 0 and turn off the lamp. So I don’t have the possibility to change from e.g. 4 to 3, but I don’t want that either.

Seamless dimming is probably not possible with most remote controls via flows, e.g. by holding a button. At least I don’t know how.
But with a Philips Hue Dimmer Switch it’s more or less possible. If you hold the brighter or darker button on the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch, then this remote control sends a new signal at intervals of about 1-2 seconds again and again. If you now use a lamp where you can set the dimming over time (set relative dimming level to +10% for 1 second), then the brightness of the lamp is dimmed relatively smoothly. In reality, however, these are actually repeated keystrokes and the brightness of the lamp is changed step by sep by +/-10%.

There is a relatively new app called “Loops” in the App Store available. Maybe seamless dimming is possible with this app, but I don’t know.

Hi there. I am trying to do the same with the styrbar remote but when I have tried to use the left/right buttons to change the hue of my lamps in some step it did some strange things. After some investigation I have realised that pressing the left/right button once fires the “Pressed” event 3 times in Homey (probably some wrong implementation of receiving the signal on homey side). Now I wait if that will be fixed in some update as these 3 events fire simultaneously and it is hard to implement a flow where you have to take into account concurrent manipulation of some values) :frowning:

If it’s really a bug in the app, please contact Athom: