How to control a relay with the Heatit Z-temp2 and an external sensor


I have a question regarding the Heatit Z-temp2.
So I wish to control the floor heating system in my living room/kitchen through a Heatit Z-temp2. The Heatit Z-temp2 will be placed in another room (Storage room next to the living room) because I dont want the unit to be placed in my living room/kitchen.

So my plan was to use the Heatit Z-temp2 to use an external (Aquara Thermostat) wich already is installed in the living room/kitchen. And thereby control a Elko Puck relay that is controlling a set of “dumb” relays in the electrical central. The “dumb” set of relays is connected to Raychem T2 red floor heating system.

So summed up, I want to control my floor heating system as it would have been a normal floor heating thermostat, but it will not be placed in the same room that the floor heating system is installed in.

Do you have any thoughts on this one. Is it possible to create a flow that will work out to my problem?