HeatIt Z-TEMP2 + Z-Water i Homey

Hello. I have Heatit Z-TEMP2 and Z-Water to control the floor heating in my house and I do not know how to make the associations in order to make Z-TEMP2 to talk to Z-Water. The Z-TEMP2 has a Node ID 44 and Z-Water has a Node ID 42.

I have 4 actuators hard wired to Z-Water on relays 2 to 5. I noticed that relay 1 does not show up in the Homey List as shown in the picture. Anyway this is a minor thing. I am more interested to learn about association.

In the Z-TEMP2 I have one place only to add the association so I do not know how to add the 4 actuators. Should I do 42.2 42.3 42.4 and 42.5 ? Using space between them?

I have the same setup.

First, relay 1 is found as the “Z-Water regulator”.
If all relays should be controlled by the same Z-TEMP, the addresses are separated by comma. 42.2,42.3