How to Connect Nice P1 Remote for awnings (433,92mhz) to Homey?

I have tried all possible apps in Homey without sucess. Anyone else suceeded with the same issue?

Hello and welcome,

Try the Brel app, it might recognise the remote’s signals:

Otherwise you can (try to) build an app yourself:

Thank you for helping me out on this. Unfortunately it seems that the Brel app does not accept 433,92 MHz or that the remote not accepting the Brel app. Has anyone suceeded pairing Nice 433,92 MHz to Homey?

I do not have the competence to develop my own app:(

If writing an app is no option, the Broadlink RM4 IR/RF blaster might be an option.
I control that thing per Google Home with Homey.
(The Broadlink Homey app does not support Pro 2023 yet)

Same problem, did you find any solution??? I’ve post it on homeassistant community, but no body give a solution