How to connect Calex Smart Outdoor - LED Strip RGB

Hi All,

I have the “Calex Smart Outdoor - LED Strip RGB” working in the Tuya Smart App*. (Just like some other Calex lamps).

I can then link (and control) the other Calex lamps in my Homey. But the “Calex Smart Outdoor - LED Strip RGB” does not appear at Homey.

*Possibly because the LED strip only seems to work via Bluetooth from the Tuya app?

I can’t find much information about it, but I have a suspicion that the “Calex Smart Outdoor Bluetooth Mesh Gateway” ensures that you can also control this LED strip via WIFI. But that does not give me any certainty whether it will then be operable from Homey.

Does anyone here know the answer or the solution?

Beste regards,

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There’s a trick for that

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Hi Peter,

First of all, thank you very much for your detailed explanation! I had started working on it, but it failed at first. Then I bought a CalexLink plug, added it to my network, and then it worked great with your solution!

The Calex LED strip apparently only worked with a direct bluetooth connection between a smartphone and the LED strip. The Calex-link plug ensures that the LED strip is also accessible via WiFi. Then you can add the LED strip via the Homey app, but it is not controllable. But with your trick it works!

Thanks again for the clear explanation!! :slight_smile: