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How to configure Fibaro RGBW module as 4 independent inputs?


I am struggeling with an Fibaro RGBW Module to configure it as 4 independent inputs.
The behavior now is that if one of the inputs is switching of, all the switches turning off.
I tried different settings but i don’t get the result that i want.
Is this possible at all? If so, what I doing wrong?

The settings of the RGBW Module

Are you sure you connected it right? As the inputs internally are not connected in any way

I found the issue, i was activate a scene where an action Turn off all lights in any room.
The rgbw module responds to that action.

Is there a way to exclude the rgbw on this action?
Because now I have to made 11 separate actions to turn the lights off in my house, instead of 1 action.

There is no real way to exclude from withing the flow card, you could move the rgbw controller to a seperate room so it is not triggered when you turn off all lights in that room.