How to avoid losing device-related flows, etc. when updating Fibaro firmware

I have to update the firmware in my Fibaro RGBW devices, which I will try using a Homecenter 2.

I’m trying to avoid breaking and having to recreate the [100+] flows involving those devices.

My questions is do I have to remove the devices from the Homey Z-Wave network first?

Or can I add them to the Fibaro Homecenter, then update the firmware then remove them from the Fibaro Homecenter, and magically they’ll be found again by the Homey Z-Wave controller?

Yes, sadly there is no other way.

What I do if I have to delete a device (because it is broken or because a firmware update has to be done) and the flows will be broken, I make screenshots of the relevant flows first. Once the device is added back, I work through the single screenshots.
Afterwards you can use the FlowChecker app to quickly and easily check if some flows may not have been repaired yet.