How to add buttons for new IR devices after learning process

I am a new user of Homey and since my first minutes with it I encountered various problems and IR remote controller feature is one of them. The problem itself step by step:

  1. I want to install new IR remote controller.
  2. The manufacturer of the device isn’t in the list
  3. No problem, we still have “copy from a remote” feature.
  4. I follow instructions and add new button. Problem #1 - test function is not working.
  5. Nevermind, I continue with a procedure and add few more buttons.
  6. Save progress, and now I have new device in “Devices” window
  7. And when I open it… there is nothing: no buttons, no options. From this point we have Problem #2 - how to add real buttons?

As an OPTION ONLY I can use those learned buttons in flows. BUT! That is not that good option. If I want to switch my device on/off bypassing flows there is no chance to do that. And to use flows as switching buttons? I will go mad looking for simple button in dozens of flows.

I am looking for decision desperately. I am not a developer, but I will learn how to create those buttons and add to devices if necessary. I just need some help and guidance :pray:

That’s not something a developer can fix, it’s up to Athom so let them know here:

Only if you have more information like signals used etc you might be able to create an dedicated app for your remote…