How to add Alexa devices which are not supported with each App


I am trying to add for example a SonOff Dual R3 which is working by Wi-Fi, I have added to my iPhone eweLink app and therefore within this App I connected to Alexa, but I am trying to find the way to add this device to Homey Pro, do you know that could be possible? How?




It’s not possible to add devices to Homey “through” Alexa.

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@robertklep thanks for your quick reply, knowing that Alexa is not possible, is it possible to add from EweLink App to Homey Pro some WI-FI device? My device is from SonOff manufacturer( dual r3 switch)


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There is no app for Homey that supports eWeLink devices, so no, that’s not possible. The only option you probably have for this particular device is to use an alternative firmware like Tasmota.

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I use the Amazon Alexa app to connect Homey to Amazon. I can then use the normal ‘Add device’ mechanism to add devices to Homey that I can’t connect add directly.

I use this to connect Wiser smart plugs connected to my heating system through the Alexa Wiser Heat skill. Sounds tortuous but it works well.

I also use it to connect to my Kasa smart plug by-passing the rate limiting issue with the Homey Kasa app.

I don’t have any Sonoff devices but I can ‘see’ all my smart plugs and lights.


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Apologies for my incorrect comment, I didn’t know this was possible :+1:t2: (like OP I should have searched the app store first :grimacing:)

So what should be the correct steps.

  1. Add my sonoff device to Alexa
  2. Then how can I connect this sonoff device to homey?

Thanks in advance


Add the Amazon Alexa app to Homey (link in my post above).

Go to ‘My apps’ in Homey, click ‘Amazon Alexa’, click ‘cog wheel’ to configure the app to connect it to Amazon.

Go to devices page in Homey app. Click + button. Select ‘Amazon Alexa’ and add your device(s) from there.



I have followed your steps but seems like my Sonoff dualr3 wifi device connected to alexa within the app Ewelink is not found at your final step( add new devices using alexa app within homey pro app), but maybe is due to switch is not set up when you choose add new devices using alexa app(just speakers and plugs are shown)? @Jamie could be possible to add switches in Alexa app for Homey Pro?

Speakers = Altavoz in Spanish

Enchufe de Pared = Smart Plug in Spanish


This is awesome, I never thought about that. thank you!!!


I haven’t tried it, but the app description says you can use it to run Alexa routines. If that works you could create routines to operate the Sonoff and call them from Homey.


That’s not true, the Alexa app allows you to add simple device to homey through Alexa. (Lights and switches, or items with a on/off)


So the app searches for three things,

Devices that the manufacturer have told Alexa that are switches

Devices that the manufacturer have told Alexa are lights

Or any device with in home which has a simple “on/off” capability.

It f it’s not showing up then the manufacturer has gone down a different route and done something “custom”.

Speakers need to be added in a case by case basis as what they can do changes by devices especially third party ones. There is an experiment which allows any device to be added but I’ll likely be deleting that soon.

@Andy_Henderson do you mean to create a routine in Alexa app(with Sonoff device) and then trigger it form Homey?How could I trigger the alexa routine from Homey?


Yes, that’s right.

Add an Alexa device to Homey using the ‘Amazon Alexa’ app (like you tried to do for your switch). That gives you a ‘Then’ card for a Homey flow to execute an Alexa routine using your selected device.

Like I say, I’ve not tried it, but it’s worth giving it a go. Let us know how you get on.


@Andy_Henderson I have created the scene in my EweLink App for my Sonoff device, after saved automatically as I have connected Alexa service with Ewelink App I have received automatically that new ambient is created in Alexa app.

But now when I come to Homey App using alexa app I am not finding any scene or any device,neither any scene/routine when creating advanced flow for THEN statement

so what I am doing wrong?

Maybe is needed to add to Alexa app for Homey Pro find Switch now just available Speakers and Smart Plugs only available.


You haven’t added an Alexa device yet. Try adding a device using the method you tried before. Select an Alexa device - I used Echo Plus (Gen2) which revealed my Living room echo which I then added as a device.

You then need to create a simple Alexa routine to execute your scene. I have one called ‘Downstairs dim’ that turns on all the lights in my downstairs hall and sets them to dim using a Tuya scene (I don’t think it matters where the scene comes from).

Test your Alexa routine to make sure it’s working OK.

Then when you create a flow you can create a ‘Then’ card selecting the Alexa device you added and then select the ‘Your Alexa device will trigger the xxx routine’…

Using the web interface, I just clicked ‘Name of the routine’ in the Then card to see a list of available routines including my ‘Downstairs dim’ routine giving me…

Running the flow in Homey executed the ‘Downstairs dim’ routine in Alexa which ran the Tuya scene which turned my lights on!

Doing the same thing in the Homey phone app works in a similar way except, when I tried to choose the routine name, I got a screen showing ‘No results found’ and a search box partially hidden by the ‘Select item’ title. I had to enter part of the routine name to get it to appear so I could select it.



Thanks for your details explanation my problem now is on the homey pro Alexa app is not finding my Sonos ones…I have paired as sorrouunds with my Sonos arc maybe I have to restart my Sonos Alexa app and then Alexa homey connection…

Then when I will have ready any of my Sonos devices I will be vale to trigger my Alexa routine


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OK. I’ll give this one last go and then, if you don’t get it, perhaps someone else will step in.

It won’t find your sonoff devices.

You need to create an Alexa routine that executes your sonoff scene.

You are then using the Homey alexa app to run that routine.


Finally working!!!

So, for SonOff Dual R3 Wifi Model switch device the solution is found and working!

  1. Create an ambient in Ewe link app for your Sonoff switch device.
  2. Connect Ewe link app to Alexa
  3. Within Alexa app, create a routine based on the ambient created on first step.
  4. Connect Homey pro App to Alexa
  5. Within Homey Pro app using Alexa app you must add your Sonos speaker or echo speaker.
  6. Create a new workflow and on section, THEN you will have available trigger Alexa routine.

thanks, @Andy_Henderson !


Sorry for my impatience - you wrote Sonos and I read Sonoff.

Glad you got it sorted. I now have a new technique that I hadn’t tried before.