How to activate and connect Philips Ensis Pendant Hue MA 4090331P7 to Homey


After a long wait I finally received Philips Ensis Pendant Hue MA 4090331P7 - . I cannot seem to find the right installation button in the Homey app to install this new Philips Hue product. The Hue Phoenix Pendant button only partly does the job, since it only activates (on/of) the white light both at the bottom as well as on the top of the device. However, it does not allow for the color functionality that comes with the Ensis. Anybody any suggestions?



Looks like the device isntt supported, so you have to make a request to the devolper for adding the device into the app.

thanks Roy

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Hi Roy, looked at the app and found the developer Hibbisoft AG, but did not find a way to make them aware of this request. Any suggestions how to do this? Thanks.

Hi, ehmmm i guess you looked in the homey app unders apps? If you look at the app store you see @Sebastian_Johansson is the devolper.