How stable are integrations? (specially Innova 2.0)

Hi all,

I am thinking about to buy a homey pro, just because its the only controller who has an integration for innova airco’s.

Before I spent my money on it, just a question, how stable are the integrations, are they maintained or is it pure luck they work?

(GitHub - erdebee/homey-innova-ac: Homey app to control the Innova/Thermocomfort 2.0 airconditioners)

The app doesn’t seem to be available in the Athom app store or the community app store, which doesn’t bode well.

So better ask the developer RoyB in the App Topic or on GitHub

Guess the thread says it all…

As your question is specific for one app and there is a App Thread / developer on the Community please continue in that thread and this one is closed.

(To answer the first question, there are > 580 Apps in the Athom App store, most are stable. It depends over time (other things breaking an App, Homey Firmware or a Vendor API changing or a Local device Firmware) Please search the Forum specific for what you need. You refer to an un-published App on a Developer-Repository.)