How do I warn that something has been left open?

We are forever forgetting to close the garage door in the evening and don’t want to close the door automatically as it might squash a car or wheelbarrow. Because of this we thought an unmistakeable warning was the answer, triggered by a reed switch.

I thought using an Everspring door/window detector to sense whether the door is open or closed, then…
This is what we have tried:
WHEN the sun sets > AND the contact alarm is on > Lounge lamp toggle on or off

What this does is remind us to close the door, but after closing the door the light continues to go on and off. There doesn’t seem to be a way of automatically stopping the toggle when the contact alarm is off.
Am I better to approach this by setting up an on/off loop rather than a toggle?

Im totally new to this, so quickly getting bogged down! All ideas gratefully received.

Build a secomd from that switched of the toggle:

WHEN the contact alarm is off AND its after sun sets > deactivate Lounge lamp toggle on or off