How do I use my existing Wiser devices in the Homey app?

I have recently installed the official Wiser app and now want all my existing Wiser devices migrated to Homey.
When I try to add the Wiser devices in Homey it seems I need to synk them one by one, but not sure how to go about this, anyone that has done this already?
Do I need to delete the device in the Wiser app first and then do a new pairing in Homey?
Can’t find any documentation or guide how to migrate from the Wiser app to Homey anywhere.

I got a confirmation from Schneider electric that each device has to be removed from the Wiser hub and then paired with Homey. So you can’t have the devices active in both apps at the same time.

That is true if you use their official app. since the Wizer devices communicates over Zigbee. And a Zigbee device can only be assigned to one controller.

However, If you have a Homey 2023 with Matter and when (unsure if they already have) Wizer release their announced support for Matter, then you could have them both active at the same time.
Schneider Electric lanserar de första Matter-certifierade elprodukterna för hemmet | Schneider Electric Sverige.

Ok, that is good to know. Will keep a look out for when they release Matter support.