Schneider Wiser x Homey

I am considering getting an Homey Pro and invest in Schneider connected devices such as wall outlets and their electric heaters relays.

For the moment, the relays looks to be unsupported by the official app and I wanted to know if they will be in the future (maybe someone from Schneider can help) or if they can added nevertheless.

I also wanted to know if these products can push data consumption to Homey to then track the heaters consumption on the energy tab of homey app.

Here is the product I am looking at:



because the Wiser app is developed and maintained by Schneider Electric themselves, please contact them. You will find contact options in the app store.
At the moment it’s only possible to use Zigbee lights and smart plugs without an app. Simple switches with one button and door/window sensors without any additional functions may also work. So the linked Schneider device can’t be added yet.

Regarding consumption. If the device supports this function and Schneider adds this function to their app, then Homey can also use this data.


I have sent them an email so hopefully I’ll get an answer soon.
I can’t see why they would limit their product compatibility since heaters are massive electricity consumers and would benefit the most from flows

If you go with a Homey Pro 2023 that have support for Matter, and wait for Schnieder to release their Matter support for their Wiser gateway, then you should be good to go.