How do I get the temperture

can somebody help me out with my problem
i want to controle the temperture in the room
i made the following flow

but it don’t work it looks of the tempeture is frozen


Looks like Aqara temperature sensor.

  1. replace battery,
  2. pair it again, without removing it first!
  3. restart Aqara app
    (Possible cause: When you have Ikea lights, consider replacing them. Ikea plugs work fine with Aqara though)

I would change the flow to:
temperature smaller than 19
heater on

temperature greater than 19
heater off

This saves many flow triggers, and the thermostat principle also works like this

Heating ON when it is warmer then 19 degrees? Think you have to exchange the two outputs of the logic card.
Or invert the logic card.

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The point is (sorry that I didn’t mentioned before) that on the graph you see that the temperature is changing

with this flow I want to stop the heating of the floor

When it’s warmer than 19 °C?
When it’s cooler than 19 °C?

Blue line means, the condition is fulfilled.
Orange line means, the condition is not fulfilled.

So with you’re flow you turn the heater on when it becomes warmer than 19 °C.

At 19 °C, the underfloor heating stops and the towel heating is switched on via a timer

Ok, thx for clarifying. To briefly explain why we asked. If we don’t know exactly what you want to achieve, then we often can’t help in a focused way.

Back to your problem. Did Peter’s tips help? Or is the temperature value still frozen?

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Which graph, Roel?
And I’d like to advice to always add notification or log cards parallel to the action parts.
This way, you’ll discover if the flow is triggered or not. In other words, if your triggercard does not work: no messages;
or if your device is somehow not responsive: messages get sent, but device seems dead.

thanks for your advice can you tel me which APP you use


I think it’s working and i’m trying to find a way to get a notification if the flow result is change to an other level (On>OFF or vv)

Yw! I use the Aqara app.

I guess this was not the question. I guess @Roel_den_Hond wants to know, which App do you use for notifications and/or logging. @Roel_den_Hond, please correct me if I’m wrong.

For notifications you can use the build-in timeline notification card like @Peter_Kawa did already in his example or a push-notification.
If you want to log some events you can use the Simple Log or the PaperTrails Log app.


It was a question but thanks for the answer


Also checkout the app v-thermo. Does nice work, maybe not everything you want, but might help a lot.
You have to ‘get’ the concept a bit. Basically it controls (all) heating-devices in a zone based on (all) temperature-sensors in that zone.
I use it to keep my garage above freezing-point and control our home-office with an electrical heater on-demand.
You can also enable/disable the v-thermo manually or from a flow.


P.S. You can set any smart-plug to ‘heater’.


thank you for you tip
I got the system now running the problem was that I thought the solenoid should work on 24V DC but it only works with 24V AC

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De eerste voorwaarde “temperatuur is veranderd” is niet nodig. Sterker nog: deze kan trigger zijn om niets te doen, ja misschien op een tijdstip dat je de verwarming niet meer nodig hebt…