How do I detect a specific computer being turned on and run a flow?

Are there any apps or using the homey built-in logic to detect a specific computer being turned on and triggering a flow? I was thinking along the lines of a “reverse WOL” where the LAN triggers a flow but not sure if such a thing exists.

There are several options:

  • If you want the flow to run after the computer has started, you could do a http-call in a bat-file
  • if you want the flow to run when the computer is turned on, you could use a power-plug
  • if you have a laptop which is fully charged, that might not work. Then you could use Smartpresence?

Perhaps allow me to explain why I need such a trigger.

My computer is currently connected to a TV as my monitor and hence, there is a need to always manually turn on the TV when the computer is turned on. I’m thinking of linking the signal from powering up a computer to trigger a flow where the TV would automatically be turned on via IR.

The most plausible option is your second suggestion but that entails getting an additional device. It seems counter-intuitive that there is no way to monitor the router or the LAN to check if a new MAC (layer 2) or IP (layer 3) has appeared on the network to trigger the flow.

That’s SmartPresence, however the dev didn’t update it yet so you need to download it, alter compatibility yourself now andinstall it through the CLI.

How about using hdmi-cec on the TV? All TVs today have this option

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Hm. Ywahm I don’t have the knowledge but that would be amazing.

You can also use the wake on Lan skill. Wake your pc and use that to run a flow atst :slight_smile:

What plug would you recommend? (want to do about the same with a TV going on via hdmicec > virtual device needs to turn on.)

I myself use Plugwise and FIbaro plugs but I think any plug with measuring capabilities would work (so no KlikAanKlikUit)…

Plug wise needs an extra hub right?

Old plugwise does, the new plugwise is straight Zigbee.

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Aah. Checked. Okey. Thanks :blush::pray:t3:

Buy a Netgear router and use the Netgear app. IT has Mac and ip monitoring, and wol :metal:

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The app looks wonderful but the solution requires buying an additional component with relatively low return-on-investment… :sweat_smile:

Investment is 20 euro

I know this is a stretch but would it be possible to get it working on a 8-port managed switch (Netgear GS108PEv3) that I already owned? This would probably entail a MAC based detection rather than an IP based detection since it is only a switch.

I think you’d better wait a few days. Then the “Smart Presence” app will be updated in store, you can use that for detecting on/off probably. If you want progress you can follow this tutorial:

Wonderful!! Thank you so much for your help!

If the router works with the genie app, then the Homey app probably works. Otherwise IT doesn’t…