Computer as a device

Does an app exist that lets you add computers to Homey as devices, on basis of IP and/or mac address?
I would like to use it in flows to check if they are on or off and eventually turn them on or off, but I can imagine that there are many more possibilities.
I’ve searched the app store, but cannot find an app like this.
Any help, also workarounds, would be appreciated!

I think I have seen some post about using smart presence app also to detect the computer. You had to install some specific software to the computer or do some other tricks. But I couldn’t find the post anymore (or I have had only a daydream of that function :wink: )

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In my Dell computer, i have a Bios option where i can turn on my Pc just by plug in,so i just install a smart plug and i can turn on/off the Pc via Tuya Homey app.
Maybe in your Bios you have this option too😉
Or by wake up Lan is an other option

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I use SmartPresence to monitor all my networkdevices to get a notification whenever a device is offline. You can do the same with your computer. Only need to use fixed-IP adressess.

I don’t know whether it’s possible to turn the computer on of off.

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I use this app on my computer: Main page | Freeware SleepOnLan (Sleep On Lan) by

Combined with this flow:

Which makes my computer go to lock screen when no one has been moving around in my office for 30 minutes. Activity in the office is detected by a unifi camera, but you could use any motion sensor, and of course make the computer sleep or shut down completely.

I only use this because I have noticed something is often preventing my computer from locking itself automatically the way it’s supposed to.


I have got a Netgear router which has also an app/is implemented in Homey.
With this app I can check if a device, in my case also my computer, is online, when the ‘fixed’ IP adres is online. Then I start flow. When the IP adres is not visible anymore, the computer is off and the scene will be different.

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What Portnumber you are using in the Device-Advanced-Settings for your Devices? Tryed it with a Notebook but it shows always that the Device is away.

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Works like a charm to detect if the computer is on or off.
Turning the pc on or off remotely is a next step, but I’m already very happy with this solution!

Port 32000 didn’t work for me, somehow the firewall in Windows 10 blocked this. Setting the port to 7680 did the trick.
As the PC’s are connected by a cable, I’ve set the Away Delay and Normal Mode Check Interval tot minimum values (1/1500). Works like a charm!

The ports 32000 and 7680 didn’t work for me. Does somebody have idea what to try next?

Does anybody know what port to look for that can be detected by SmartPrecence? Windows seems to be blocking 32000 but also 7680. Any help would be appreciated.