How do I add generic/basic z-wave device

I have a Kaipulek door sensor which is not specifically listed as a names device. I understand that I can add it as simple on/off basic z-wave device, but I don’t know how…can someone help!?

Thanks in advance.

Not sure whether anything will work, but you need to add a z-wave device from within Homey and then set the device in pairing mode.
If Homey doesn’t find a suitable driver it will most likely add the device as a generic z-wave device. However if you can do anything with it remains to be seen. Keep us posted whether it works. :open_book:


Hi guys, thanks for the help. I have managed to add it through the “Homey” device setup. I realise this just allows an on/off function, but should I able to make it work properly as a door sensor, or does this not work through the basic z-wave setup?

Not as a door sensor. It does not work through the basic z-wave device.
If it would have an actuator (output) for example a light switch, then included as basic z-wave device could have worked as ON/OFF.

You can put an app request for your device here: Homey Community App Requests

Awesome, thanks for the help everyone.