How can you connect Haier Airco

How can I connect a Haier Airco to Homey?


I would like to find out also?
There is no api available, but I do have de Wifi adapters.

maybe this can help:
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Did you found a solution?

If this is still a need you might be interested in this:

Not really, even a way to copy the RF remote would be nice.

Thanks for your reply, I have 2 Sensibo sensors and they work fine, thanks for the hint!

Also was looking for this but I don’t like to connect yet another device. I found a HomeBridge integration: haier-ac-remote/packages/homebridge-haier-ac at master · bstuff/haier-ac-remote · GitHub

Is there a backwards compatibility (Apple Home to Homey)?

Did you already get this to work? I’m also interested!

No I work with my sensibo sensors and they work fine,