How can i exchange a defect zwave device with a new one?

i have a neocool switch which is lost in zwave network and want replace to a new one or the same again, like in zipatos systems, how is it possible?

I don’t know how the Zipato system works, but I guess the only way is to include the new device and repair all the flows from the broken device with the new device.
Within Advanced Flow it’s possible to klick with the right mouse button on the flow card of the old device and choose in the appearing menu Exchange. After that you can go to new device and choose the korrekt flow card.

But I don’t understand if the NEO Switch left the Z-Wave network for no reason, or if it’s really broken.
If the device left the Z-Wave network for no reason, then I would recommend to contact the support of Athom, because this shouldn’t happen.

Just out of interest: How does this work with Zipato?

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HI Dirk,

thank you for your answer.
Some of my NeoCool Touch Switches are loosing the zwave network if the temperature is changing more then 10 degrees, i dont know why. I also will open a call at Athom of course.
But in Zipato you can all devices to reinclude in the system with 1 click and no changes in the rules are necessary. Also you can reset the device from the console itself to factory defaults for that device (name/settings/etc.). Sometime its easier in complicated setting to use it during the tests.
So in Homey to reset the zwave einvirenment is not a good idea in an environment of 50 or more devices :yum:. Than all devices have to be reincluded as new devices.

But i moved from zipato to homey because of no way to migrate from zipato version1 to 2 with clustersystems and its really a bad bad support at this company with stupid answers of request regarding solutions in problems. Also the bandwith of vendors is limited. But over all its a cool product, but limited if you are using multivendor and multi technilgies at the same time (zwave/Zigbee/enocean etc.) with more than 25 devices.

Temperature of what? Environment temperature? Maybe the devices itself are broken?

But this is not needed. You can remove/exclude any individual device. A complete Z-Wave network is not necessary, this would in fact remove all Z-Wave devices.

The possibilities for maintaining the Z-Wave devices or the Z-Wave network could indeed be better with the Homey.

yes, its a problem if the outside tempeerature is changing much, the switches which are affected are all on walling out.

Yes, i removed a single device but its not the same comfortable function like on zipato but on homey for zigbbee a repair action exist.

Just for your information,
last night i lost 10 of 14 neocoolcam shutter switches from the zwave network.
Now i have to decide to move back zu zipato or exchange all neo coolcam devices.
Any suggestions?

Sorry for late reply.

If you like Homey more, then my suggestion would be to replace the NEO Coolcam sooner or later. It’s quite a lot of work to include the devices again and again and to repair all flows. But that is cost-intensive.

If you are not ready to spend the money for new devices, then my suggestion would be to stay with Zipato, because it’s much easier to add the devices again.

However, I personally wouldn’t enjoy having to add devices over and over again.