How can I convert x10 powerline signals to x10 RF signals? [solved]

Hi I am new to homey and want to use it also for X10.
I understand that Homey can send and receive X10 RF signals when the X10.2 app is installed.
The problem I face is that my Alarm system only sends out X10 powerline signals which obviously Homey cannot receive.
I have transceivers that can convert X10 RF to powerline.
I have not been able to find any devices that can do the opposite: rebroadcast a power line X10 signal to RF so that I can use the power line signals via RF as trigger in Homey.
Has anybody found a solution for this problem?

not a complete solution, but maybe helpful:
this a X10 to serial converter bi-directional, but then you still have to interface to Homey.

Thanks very much for trying to help. Unfortunately it will not help me sending an RF command to homey by a power line X10 signal. It seems like you can only buy remotes that can send RF but no device so far that can receive the power line signal and turn it into RF. Maybe it is time to buy a new alarm system😀

I had the same situation you have when I started homey:
Al lot of X10 devices and an alarm system with X10interface that I did not want to leave
(My alarm is a infinite / homesafety with HA module)

I solved it this way:
I kept my old X10 system (A cm15pro). This system can sent and receive RF an powerline.
I create macro that receive a powerline command and then send a different RF command. The RF is pickrd up by homey and can be used to trigger macros

I also kept the macros alive they are related to my X10 dimmers. RF cannot send absolute dim command, lowerline can. So homey sends an RF command that is picked up by my cm15pro that runs a macro settingthe dim levels.

Works great
And because the number of X10 commands over powerline is reduced (taken over by homey) the X10 devices work even better (more reliable) then before

Gr Frank

PS: you could even consider buying a cm15pro on marktplaats, they are pretty cheap now

Hi Frank,

A CM15 pro will solve my problem. I will find one on marktplaats I am sure.
Thank you very much for helping me out.
Looks like I can squeeze some extra lifetime out of my alarm system (Visonic) this way.

Thanks again!


I use now a CM15 pro for macro’s to forward a RF signal to Homey. Thanks again Frank!
This works great. I use this incomming X10 message as a trigger to start several flows. One of these flows needs to result in having homey send out a different X10 command.
When I try to add a card in the “ then section” I cannot select a X10 action because it is not listed. Is this a known issue with the current release of X10 app in homey 2.0? Does it work with the old homey software? Anyway hope it will be solved in the near future.

Depends what you want to do. This is not special or different from not-X10 devices.

The X10 app is not ready for homey 2.0 yet. See this post

Yes it does, see screenshot below. Under “Apps” the X10 app should be available. Its not there in V2.0

@nattelip is working on it, more info in the post that is linked above

Its working in Homey 1.x
But X10 is not in the Apps list under “actions” in the new app yet

SUGGESTION: for a workaroud, create new X10 device and name it the house code and number you want to send. Now you can add the device in the “when” and switch it on or off. This will make homey sent the X10 RF code

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your answer and suggestion for a workaround. There is only one problem. The current software will not let you set up a device yet. I get stuck on the following screen:

No possibility to enter the house code and unit code. So I have to patiently await the update.
Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it!



committed the v2 version to github, waiting for approval trhen you can pair again

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That is very good news! Thank you very much for the effort making this work on Homey 2.0
I will give it a try as soon as it is available.
Thanks again for this fast update.

Thats great!
Its a precondition for me to move to v2. Good to hear you tried to fix it so quick.