Honeywell /vasco 868 mhz rf devices

I like to try this Honeywell CH/DHW via RF - evohome, sundial, hometronics, chronotherm - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community I have some vasco stuff which is basically same as honeywell but is this doable with the homey rf 868 mhz module. I think the new homey does not support 868 anymore but also have the current homey pro .

Don’t know the limitations of the homey rf module. I tried to capture it but did not find anything.

thanks Edwin

besides this there is also a somfy way with Honeywell HGI-80 usb to rf way
I don’t know if @Adrian_Rockall can add this or I can try and submit a PR.

for above I need to program/ flash firmware 1st on this SSM-D2 so I guess it won’t work on homey.

If it’s reported by the Somfy API then I can probably add support for it in the app.

yeah, but it seems like Honeywell HGI-80 is EOL plus very hard to get and I don’t know if it check for a real EvoHome serial. I heard you can do a fake one. will check more else will do it the home-assistant way

Going for nanoCUL 868MHz Mini-USB with FTDI Chip Honeywell Evohome Monitoring - Showcase - OpenEnergyMonitor Community

Not for HGI80 EOL and really hard to get and expensive.

Not for they are in the uk and customs is annoying

Not for the seeed studio like rfbee and UartSBee they are out of stock Controlling a Honeywell BDR91 boiler relay with an RFBee or HGI80 – Matt's Tech Pages

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ordered nanoCUL and next week i will flash it with evofw3 ,tune it and then do ramses_rf and ramses_cc on HA