Homeyscript on HP23: No error when controlling On/Off on an unplugged Smart Plug?

While testing a Homeyscript that turns repeats on/off a device to test if it is still online after a possible hard power cut, I noticed that the following command generates an error as expected for my Zigbee Lights, but it silently succeeds after 5s when I pull my Tuya Smart Plugs from the wall socket (it even updates the lastUpdated property of On/Off):

await device.setCapabilityValue(‘onoff’, !device.capabilitiesObj[‘onoff’].value)

That was kind of unexpected, I was hoping to use this in a Try/Catch to detect for devices that have not have recently been updated for any capabilityObj.lastUpdated?

Has anyone else seen this? Could this be an issue with the Tuya App, or generic Homey Zigbee problem?